Why Does My Dentist Polish My Teeth?

Why Does My Dentist Polish My Teeth?

Getting ready to make an appointment with your dentist in Phoenix, AZ for your next regular dental cleaning? The importance of having your teeth regularly cleaned by a dental professional should never be understated. When your teeth are as clean as they can possibly be, you are much less likely to be diagnosed with dental problems.

The reason for regular dental cleanings is to remove any plaque or tartar buildup on the teeth. Even dental patients who brush and floss their teeth every day may still experience plaque and tartar on their teeth, making this regular dental procedure important for every dental patient.

About dental cleanings

Every dentist in 85053 will agree on the importance of having one’s teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Recommendations for most patients include coming in twice a year to have their teeth cleaned. Some patients may need to only come in once a year, while others may need to come in more often. It will simply depend on the dental patient's particular situation when it comes to how often they need to have their teeth professionally cleaned.

Even though professional dental cleanings are important to a patient's overall dental health, not every dental patient adheres to their recommended schedule. Avoiding regular cleanings will eventually lead to a decline in one’s dental health.

The dental cleaning process

The dental cleaning process starts with a thorough examination of the patient's mouth. The focus is on removing any plaque and tartar buildup, which is done by using a process known as scaling and planing. Special dental tools are used to carefully remove the plaque and tartar from around the gumline, as well as in between the teeth.

Once the teeth are clean, the patient's teeth will be flossed and polished. and then a fluoride treatment will be applied to the teeth to help protect them in the future. Call us to learn more.

What does polishing do?

Dentists polish teeth for several reasons, all of which contribute to maintaining oral health and improving the appearance of your smile. Here's why your dentist polishes your teeth during a regular dental cleaning:

  1. Removal of plaque and stains: Polishing helps remove plaque buildup and surface stains from the teeth that cannot be eliminated through regular brushing and flossing alone. This is important for preventing cavities and gum disease, as plaque buildup can lead to these oral health issues if left untreated.

  2. Smoothing tooth surfaces: During polishing, the dentist or dental hygienist uses a polishing instrument with a slightly abrasive paste to smooth the surfaces of the teeth. Smoothing the surfaces helps to remove rough spots and minor imperfections, making it more difficult for plaque and bacteria to adhere to the teeth.

  3. Enhancing aesthetics: Polishing can improve the appearance of your teeth by making them look cleaner and brighter. Removing surface stains and smoothing tooth surfaces can result in a shinier, more attractive smile.

  4. Preparation for fluoride treatment: In some cases, polishing is done before applying fluoride treatment to ensure better adherence of the fluoride to the tooth surfaces. Fluoride helps strengthen the enamel and protect against tooth decay.

  5. Detection of dental issues: Polishing allows the dentist or dental hygienist to closely examine the surfaces of the teeth for any signs of dental problems, such as cavities, cracks, or other abnormalities. By thoroughly cleaning and polishing the teeth, dental professionals can better assess your oral health and recommend any necessary treatments or interventions.

Overall, dental polishing is an essential part of routine dental cleanings and plays a key role in maintaining good oral health, preventing dental problems, and keeping your smile looking its best.

Are you currently in need of a dental cleaning?

Is it time for your regular dental cleaning? Our dentist can provide you with the dental cleaning services you need for good dental health! Even if you are overdue for your regular cleaning, understand that the sooner you have your teeth cleaned, the better. When you wait to undergo your regular cleanings, you just may be jeopardizing the overall health of your mouth.

It is essential for any plaque or tartar buildup on your teeth to be removed as soon as possible. When plaque or tartar is left on your teeth, you are more susceptible to being diagnosed with cavities, which can make your teeth weaker.

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