Who Is a Good Candidate for a Smile Makeover [Tooth Spacing]

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Smile Makeover [Tooth Spacing]

A Smile Makeover is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of treatments and procedures for fixing and improving someone’s teeth, thus improving a smile. Receiving a procedure to fix gaps in teeth or remove stains can change how an individual thinks the world views them, and as a result boost confidence and help encourage oral hygiene. Almost anyone can receive a makeover as long as something in the smile is not satisfying. Candidates for a complete makeover often have significant problems that affect their bite and the aesthetic of their smile.

Types of candidates

There are many reasons to want a smile makeover, and none is considered too small a goal to pursue with a visit to the dentist. Defining the issues in a smile is the first step toward receiving the right treatment.

Stained teeth

One of the most common issues people face today, stained teeth can create an unattractive or unhealthy look. In reality, stains are a normal result of aging teeth. As tooth enamel (which is what provides that beautiful, white look) gradually wears down over time, debris is more likely to get stuck on the surface of a tooth. The result is yellowing or staining that can make anyone self-conscious about smiling. Fortunately, teeth whitening is an option for removing that discoloration and getting teeth back to the original pearly color.

Worn teeth

Teeth can wear down for many reasons. Chips and cracks may occur from everyday use or from accidents. Teeth may start to appear smaller if grinding is an issue, as that constant pressure will start to wear away teeth after years of use. People with teeth that have been damaged in these ways may opt for veneers or dental bonding that adheres restorations such as crowns and bridges to cover wear and protect a tooth from increased damage.

Gaps and spacing

Tooth spacing can heavily impact a smile. Large gaps may be the result of nothing more than teeth growing in at a crooked angle. This can create a lopsided or uneven smile that someone may be more inclined to hide than show off. Gaps may also cause function problems with chewing and create unwanted wear in certain areas. Those with gaps can ask a dentist about treatments to straighten teeth for an even, balanced smile.

Missing teeth

Missing teeth not only show enormous gaps in a smile but can cause a lot of problems for eating. The jaw bone can be negatively impacted by missing tooth roots, so replacing teeth can help prevent further bone loss and allow a patient to chew harder foods. Implants such as bridges or partial dentures can solve any issues with missing teeth, as well as re-create a lost smile.


A smile makeover is not confined to a narrow group of oral problems. It overlaps many issues and creates the potential for brighter, happier smiles in the future.

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