When Should You See a Dentist About a Chipped Tooth?

When Should You See a Dentist About a Chipped Tooth?

Your dentist is used to fixing a chipped tooth. This is one of the most common problems that patients have. Chipping a tooth can be painful and lead to other oral health problems. It can also hamper your smile and make you feel unhappy about your appearance. A chip in a tooth is not also a major concern, but there are times when you would want to visit the dentist to repair it.

How a person may get a chipped tooth

Even though teeth are strong and durable, they can suffer damage. Fractures and cracks are common, as are smaller blemishes such as chips. A person may chip a tooth by biting into a hard food such as candy, ice, or a popcorn kernel. This can also happen by biting into an object such as a utensil. A hard blow to the mouth or falling face-first can also cause this damage.

When a person does not brush effectively, teeth can become weak and brittle. This can lead to a tooth chipping as well. Eating sugary foods and those high in starch can have the same effect. Not visiting the dentist regularly for checkups can also increase the risk of suffering chips in a tooth.

When the chip is readily visible

A tiny chip in a back molar is not likely to be apparent to other people. In such a case, there is probably little concern about how it affects the smile. But when there is a larger chip in a front tooth, it is likely to be embarrassing to the person. Visiting the dentist can get the patient the right treatment to repair it and restore an attractive smile.

When there is pain

Sometimes, pain will not accompany a chipped tooth. But it is possible for it to be serious enough that the person suffers a great deal of discomfort. If this happens, it is likely an indication that there is decay or an infection in the tooth. The dentist should treat this right away. A filling or a root canal should solve the problem. It is especially important that the patient sees the dentist if the pain is severe and inhibiting daily activities.

When the chip gets worse

Without treatment, a chipped tooth can become more serious. Over time, it could get larger and even break part of the tooth. The patient should keep a close eye on the tooth and call the dentist for help. The dentist can treat it before there is a full fracture. Common treatments for chips include veneers and crowns. The dentist also might be able to put in a filling to restore the tooth’s appearance and function.

Potentially problematic damage

You may initially shrug off a chipped tooth as something not serious. Indeed, chipping a tooth may not lead to any major oral health issues. You may not even worry about what it looks like. But you should be mindful of times when the dentist should examine it. You can get the help you need to feel well and look good once again.

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