When is a Dental Implant Treatment Recommended for a Broken Tooth?

When is a Dental Implant Treatment Recommended for a Broken Tooth?

A dental implant is primarily used to replace a missing tooth, but it can also be recommended for a broken one. This typically occurs when the tooth is too damaged to be restored with a root canal or dental crown. A dentist in Phoenix, AZ might recommend extracting the tooth and replacing it with an implant in that scenario.

Replacing a broken with a dental implant

Prior to recommending implants for a patient, the dentist in 85053 will evaluate their jawbone to determine if it has the depth needed for implants. The dentist will also go over the patient’s health history to determine if they have conditions like diabetes that can weaken the person’s ability to recover from surgery. Habits like smoking and drinking will also be discussed since they can weaken the healing process.

The process

Once the patient has been cleared for implants, the dentist will begin preparations for the extraction. The area being worked on will be injected with a local anesthetic to prevent the patient from feeling pain during the treatment.

The dentist will then use tools like forceps to pull out the tooth from its socket. If the patient’s jaw is in great condition, the dentist might opt to install the implant the same day. In most cases though, patients have to wait three to six months before getting the implant.

Local anesthetics are used for the surgical installation of implants. The dentist drills a hole into the socket the tooth came out from and an implant is pushed into it until it is held in place by the bone tissues around it. The implant is then given up to six months to fuse with bone tissues around it before being fitted with an abutment. The abutment will be the base for the crown that will replace the broken tooth.

An impression of the patient's teeth is used to make their customized crown. The dentist asks the patient to bite down on a mold or uses digital images to make a computer model. The information is passed on to technicians in a dental lab where oral restorations like crowns are manufactured. The customized crown should be ready within a couple of weeks.

The patient goes in for their final appointment and the dentist attaches the customized crown to the patient’s abutment. The patient’s smile should be fully restored at that point as well as the function of their lost tooth. Call us to learn more.

Benefits of choosing implants

The benefits of replacing a broken tooth with an implant instead of alternatives like bridges or dentures include:

  • Implants prevent bone tissues from breaking down due to a lack of stimulation
  • Implants look and feel natural in the mouth
  • Implants do not require specialized cleaning like dentures. Brushing and flossing are all these restorations need
  • Implants can last the rest of the patient’s life
  • Implants prevent the remaining teeth from shifting
  • Restore your smile with an implant

Dental implants offer several advantages for replacing missing or damaged teeth, including stability, durability, and the ability to preserve bone density in the jaw. They also provide a natural-looking and long-lasting solution for restoring your smile and bite function.

However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for dental implants. Factors such as overall health, jawbone density, and gum health may affect eligibility for implant treatment. Your dentist will evaluate your specific situation and recommend the most appropriate treatment options for you.

Dealing with a broken tooth? Give us a call or drop by our Phoenix clinic to find out if implants are the right solution for you.

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