What Is Denture Reline?

What Is Denture Reline?

Denture reline is a procedure for those who have dentures. Over time, your dentures will become loose and ill-fitting. You can ask your dentist about this procedure for your next dental checkup. If you want to know what denture reline is, here are the details.

The definition

This is a simple treatment for dentures. It reshapes the under part of the denture. The aim of denture reline is to make the denture fit better on the gums. Dentures tend to become loose in the mouth. This procedure takes little time at the dental clinic or in a dental lab.

The importance

Tooth loss causes chaos in the mouth. There are no tooth roots implanted in the jawbones anymore. The gums recede as the jawbones thin out. This lessens the grip of the dentures. Without denture reline, the dentures will wiggle and then fall out. Dentures loosen because of continuous bone loss in the jawbone.

Jawbone loss happens because the body does not send resources or nutrients to the jawbone anymore. The absence of tooth roots tells the body to do so. Dentures may be in place at first, but as time passes, the dentures will slip off. This procedure happens to make sure the dentures are snug on the patient’s gums. This procedure helps the dentures adapt to the ever-changing shape of the patient’s mouth.

Soft denture reline

Most patients prefer soft relines. This type of denture reline is more comfortable, especially for new denture users. It is also ideal for patients with rapid jawbone loss. The patient can have the procedure at the dental clinic.

The dentist will use a liquid polymer. This will give the denture more depth. The patient will try it on first and then provide feedback on how the denture feels and fits. This will tell the dentist if the adjustments are fine. Soft relines do not take hours to finish. Even so, the patient needs to get more frequent soft relines.

Hard denture reline

This type of relining uses stronger materials than soft relines. The process is like that of the soft reline procedure. Hard relines last longer than soft relines. The patient can have this done at the dental clinic. The results of this procedure can be uncomfortable for patients with delicate or sensitive gum tissue. Sore spots often appear in such cases.

The right choice

The dental care provider can help the patient decide which type of denture reline will be most suitable for the patient. This procedure may be temporary. The short-lived results may be true for people who have not had a reline treatment in a while. Whatever type of denture reline the patient chooses, it must be a periodic treatment.

A denture reline procedure can make your denture experience better

Wearing dentures can be challenging, especially with continuous bone loss. Failure to reline dentures results in loose and ill-fitting restorations. There will always be a risk of the dentures falling out. A periodic denture reline can be advantageous. This will keep the dentures snug against the gums.

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