Reasons to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed While You Are Young

Reasons to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed While You Are Young

Dental professionals often recommend wisdom teeth removal between the ages of 16 and 19 to prevent concerns such as overcrowding, crooked teeth, oral infection, and general discomfort caused by the improper growth of wisdom teeth. This review takes a closer look at why wisdom teeth removal is encouraged at a young age.

Reasons that dentists recommend wisdom teeth removal at a young age

Wisdom teeth removal is often necessary before orthodontic treatment if the wisdom teeth are causing problems with oral health. The following are five reasons that patients or the parents of patients should consider wisdom teeth removal at a young age and a discussion of the risks associated with leaving wisdom teeth.

The jaw is more malleable at a young age

Wisdom teeth removal requires accessing the jawbone and removing the teeth from the socket. This is often easier to do while the patient is still young. In addition, the healing process is better the younger the patient is because the jaw is more malleable and can adjust to the removal of the third molars. At an older age, removing wisdom teeth can be more complex.

Wisdom teeth removal may be necessary before orthodontic care

It is encouraged to receive orthodontic care for misaligned teeth and jaw before the adult years. To ensure long-term quality results of the orthodontic treatment, wisdom teeth removal is often necessary before starting a braces or clear aligners treatment. This is particularly necessary if there is not enough room inside the jaw for the teeth to properly shift.

Wisdom teeth can make crooked or overcrowded teeth worse

Not only can wisdom teeth make orthodontic care more of a challenge, but they may also make the alignment concern worse. Wisdom teeth that do not have enough room in the jaw to properly grow often come in sideways or force their way through the gums, pushing against the second molars and placing a great deal of pressure upon the other teeth.

Wisdom teeth can lead to an oral infection

One of the primary concerns of wisdom teeth that do not fully emerge through the gums is the development of an oral infection. Bacteria and food particles can become trapped around the gums that surround the wisdom teeth, increasing the risk of an infection that has the potential to spread in the mouth.

You heal faster while you are young

Teenagers often heal faster from the wisdom teeth removal procedure than adults. The jawbone has an easier time adjusting to the removal of the wisdom teeth, and teenagers are generally healthier and can recover faster from surgical procedures in general.

Are you considering wisdom teeth removal for you or your child?

Our team helps patients through the wisdom teeth removal process. If you (or your child) are experiencing concerns with wisdom teeth or want a check-up visit to determine their status and health, contact us by phone or message today to schedule a visit.

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