Reasons a Family Dentist May Recommend an Oral Surgery Procedure

Reasons a Family Dentist May Recommend an Oral Surgery Procedure

Everyone visits their dentist two times a year for regular checkups, but in some instances oral surgery may be necessary. Oral surgery is required in specific situations when teeth or gums are so damaged that a procedure is necessary. Dentists are needed to provide highly focused, complex care that will get patients back to feeling their best. 

If you've recently discovered that you need oral surgery, it can help to  learn that your dentist may be  able  to perform the procedure. All patients begin to trust their family dentist over time. They are the ones you see every six months and treat your dental issues. However, they are also capable of performing oral surgery so that you don't have to go to another office with a professional that you don't know. 

What is an oral surgery?

Oral surgery describes a variety of treatments and procedures that individuals may need to restore the appearance or function of their teeth. Typically, patients are put to sleep for these procedures, and the recovery time can vary based on the type of procedure that is performed. A dentist can perform the operation in their office, and will provide patients with all the information they need for aftercare. 

What types of procedures do dentists do?

There are many different types of oral surgery procedures that dentists can do themselves. Let's take a look at some of the more common surgeries that may be performed by a dentist. 

  • Dental implant placement is a type of procedure. Implants need to be surgically placed into the jawbone, and this requires anesthesia and precision. 
  • Wisdom teeth extraction, in most cases, requires oral surgery. When wisdom teeth come in, they tend to come in crooked because there is very little room around them. To get them out, a dentist needs to use precise tools.
  • Jaw surgery can be performed by a dentist. Any time you have facial trauma or injuries in the jaw, you need a more comprehensive surgery than what can be done at a dentist’s office.
  • Oral pathology is when a dentist considers your personal health history to come to specific conclusions on what may be affecting your mouth. 

It's not unusual for people to be nervous if they are informed that they need oral surgery. However, it helps ease nerves when patients discover that they can rely on their regular dentist to perform the task. 

When your family dentist can offer multiple types of oral surgeries in the comfort of their office. If you think you may need oral surgery, be sure to talk to your dentist about your options and concerns. 

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