Questions to Ask Your General Dentist About Invisalign Cost During Your Consultation

Questions to Ask Your General Dentist About Invisalign Cost During Your Consultation

The subject of Invisalign® cost is a vital one when you talk about your orthodontic treatment. Of course, you want an effective treatment. You need care that can help you achieve your goals of having a straight, attractive smile. You want something convenient and lasting. But the financial aspect of this treatment is something you need to think about before you start. Your general dentist can help you with your questions and concerns.

Reasons why Invisalign may make sense for a patient

Invisalign is not the only way to straighten teeth, but it does have some nice benefits. When it comes to correcting misalignments, bite dysfunctions, and crowded teeth, it is a viable option. One of the biggest reasons why people choose Invisalign is because the appliances are virtually invisible. This is a discreet, inconspicuous way of changing a smile. Self-conscious people like wearing an appliance that other people cannot see.

Invisalign aligners are also comfortable and do not rub against the gums, cheeks, or lips. People who wear aligners can remove them, too, which is nice for cleaning and eating. The treatment time is usually shorter than with other methods. A person can expect to wear the aligners for 18 months or less.

How do the costs compare with other orthodontic treatments?

One of the first things a person will want to know about Invisalign cost is whether it is more or less than other options. Every patient will have different needs and a different treatment plan. The costs can vary from person to person. A good rule is that Invisalign and braces are comparable when it comes to total costs. One may be more than the other, depending on the patient.

What can make the Invisalign cost more?

The longer the person wears the Invisalign trays, the more the treatment will cost. More visits to the dentist’s office will also raise the costs. The treatment length will increase if the patient has more significant problems with their teeth. Mildly crooked teeth, for example, will not require as long to straighten. But if the person has more serious issues, the cost to treat them will increase.

What can reduce the costs?

To keep costs down, the patient should keep up with oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing properly will keep the aligners clean. This prevents bacteria buildup and damage to the device. Also, wearing the aligners properly will keep the person’s treatment plan on track. Removing them as infrequently as possible is a good approach.

What role does insurance play?

The patient should talk to the dentist about insurance coverage before starting treatment. A dental plan can cover the orthodontic work and reduce the Invisalign cost. The plan will pay up to a certain amount of the total costs. The patient should make sure the office accepts their policy.

Be prepared for your treatment

You can get the most out of your Invisalign treatment by following what the general dentist tells you. This can also shorten your treatment length. In turn, this can cut down on the amount you will pay out of pocket. Talk to your dentist about any financial concerns you have with your treatment.

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