Popular Payment Ideas for Invisalign Cost as Options for Your General Dentist

Popular Payment Ideas for Invisalign Cost as Options for Your General Dentist

When it comes to restoring your smile, Invisalign cost should not deter you from getting the treatment you need. You may be nervous about how much you will have to pay to repair your teeth. This is natural, as the treatment does require a financial commitment. You will have some obligations, but help is available to afford the costs if you have concerns. The general dentist and office staff want to make sure you are comfortable with the payments.

Why people choose Invisalign

While Invisalign cost is an important aspect of choosing the right care, there are other factors. Recognize that this treatment has many benefits that other methods do not provide. These aligners are made of clear plastic and fit over the teeth. The appliance looks a lot like teeth-whitening trays. The aligners put pressure on the teeth and force them to move into the correct positions.

Comfort and convenience are two of the reasons why people like this option. The aligners are removable, which is nice during mealtime and for cleaning. The aligners also will not rub against the cheeks or gums, causing sores. Another advantage of Invisalign is that the treatment length is often shorter than other options. Within 18 months, a person’s teeth should be straighter. Some patients see even faster results.

Insurance coverage

Before beginning an orthodontic treatment, the patient should review their dental insurance plan. Many dental policies also cover orthodontic work, even if the treatment is cosmetic. The plan typically pays a fixed amount toward the total lifetime cost per patient. The insurance usually will not cover the treatment at 100%, but the patient is left with a smaller out-of-pocket cost.

Monthly payments

Even after dental insurance has paid its portion, many families cannot afford what is left with the Invisalign cost. To help make this more manageable, the dentist’s office may allow the patient to break up the payments into monthly installments. This may extend over the duration of the treatment or for a fixed period such as 12 to 24 months. The office may charge a small amount of interest in such a case.

Fewer, larger payments

For other patients, splitting the remaining Invisalign cost into a couple of payments may be feasible. Some people may not be able to cover the rest in a lump sum. However, these people may not prefer to pay monthly for the long term. The dentist’s office may be able to set up two, three, or four payments to take care of the balance.

Lump-sum payment with a discount

Some patients can pay the remaining balance all at once. In this scenario, it may come with a reduced price. For a lump-sum payment, many offices knock off a certain percentage of the costs. Talk to the office staff about this at the beginning of the treatment.

You have options to cover the Invisalign cost

Orthodontic treatment is vital for people who have crooked teeth and other related issues. If you are struggling financially, you may feel like putting off this type of care. Fortunately, many dentist’s offices offer flexibility with payments. Consider these options for your treatments.

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