Orthodontics from a General Dentist: Comparing Invisalign Cost Versus the Cost of Traditional Braces

Orthodontics from a General Dentist: Comparing Invisalign Cost Versus the Cost of Traditional Braces

The subject of Invisalign® cost will come up early as you consider which methods of straightening teeth are right for you. Certainly, you want care that can effectively improve your smile and oral health. You need a treatment that you know will help you achieve your goals. At the same time, the financial aspects of the process can be significant. You should be aware of your obligations and how these compare with those of other treatment types.

A look at Invisalign vs. braces

In some form, fixing the aesthetics of teeth has been available for centuries. Of course, methods have evolved over the years. For a long time, metal braces were the preferred process for moving teeth. These consist of brackets, wires, and elastics that put pressure on the teeth. This forces the teeth to shift into the proper positions in the mouth. Braces can address serious concerns such as misalignments, bite abnormalities, and crowded teeth.

Invisalign is a type of clear aligner that straightens teeth. Typically, a patient will choose this method for milder, more moderate conditions. The aligners look a lot like teeth-whitening trays. They are made of plastic and fit over the teeth on both jaws. Aligners are removable and should stay in the patient’s mouth for 21 to 22 hours a day. The treatment length is often shorter with aligners than with metal braces.

A comparable cost

The general dentist and office staff will go over the total treatment costs with patients before they begin. Note that the Invisalign cost is similar to the cost of wearing braces. No two patients have identical needs, so these figures will vary. In some cases, braces may cost more; in other situations, a person may pay more for Invisalign.

The extent of the person’s condition

Invisalign cost will depend on different factors. Some of the most important are how long the person will wear the aligners and whether any other equipment will be necessary (such as a retainer afterward). Since braces often address more serious issues, the costs can be higher with this treatment. People who wear aligners can expect to pay less if their teeth are only mildly crooked. However, if the dentist is repairing misalignments and bite problems together, the cost can be higher.

Invisalign cost and the patient’s care and attention

Another element that determines how much the treatment will cost involves the patient’s diligence. People who fail to wear the aligners properly can expect a longer treatment, which will affect the cost. Similarly, if the patient does not take care of the aligners, the appliances can break or not work properly. The issues are true with braces. When the components are damaged, the dentist will have to replace them, which increases the treatment cost.

A similar cost for the results you want

If you are looking at Invisalign cost vs. what you will pay for braces, you will find comparable numbers. There usually is not a significant difference between the two in this area. If you take care of your aligners, you can expect the treatment to be shorter. You will then pay less and still get the smile you have been looking for.

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