Orthodontics for Smile Correction: How Long Will It Take?

Orthodontics for Smile Correction: How Long Will It Take?

Orthodontics focuses on addressing issues that affect the alignment of your teeth. Treatment typically takes somewhere between 12 to 36 months. Several factors, like the severity of the patient’s problem, their age, and the treatment option chosen often determine how long the patient’s treatment lasts.

Fixing smiles with orthodontics

Different appliances used for orthodontics have their unique treatment times. Most of these devices work by gradually pushing on teeth and their roots, slowly improving their alignment over time. Some of the more common appliances used to straighten smiles include headgear, brackets, retainers, braces, and clear aligners.

The type of orthodontic device a patient chooses also affects the length of their treatment. The severity of the misalignment needs to be factored in when determining treatment times.

The orthodontic process

Orthodontic treatments start with the dentist taking a close look at the patient’s teeth. A visual examination will be performed and diagnostic tests like an x-ray might be used to evaluate the patient’s jaw.

Based on their findings, the dentist will educate the patient about their best options. Simple issues can take as little as six months to fix, while more complex issues can take a few years.

Orthodontic options

Here are some of the options you get to choose from when it comes to improving your smile with orthodontic treatment:

Braces: Braces have been used to straighten teeth for more than a hundred years. They are one of the most effective appliances used to straighten teeth. Braces have two main components; metal brackets that are cemented to each tooth and metal wires that are used to connect all the brackets on one side of the jaw. Tightening these wires increases the pressure being applied to the patient’s tooth. Braces are permanently fixed in place, so they stay in throughout the patient’s treatment. Braces can be used to address a wide range of orthodontic issues including the most severe ones

Clear aligners: Clear aligners are a more discreet way to straighten teeth. It involves wearing transparent plastic trays that slowly move the patient’s teeth to a better position over time. Each tray is worn for a couple of weeks before being switched with another that moves the patient’s teeth closer to the ideal position. The patient gets several trays at the start of their treatment and their teeth should be properly aligned by the time it is over. Invisalign aligners are removable devices so, unlike braces, they do not hinder meals or oral hygiene. Clear aligners typically have the shortest treatment times

Clear braces: Clear braces are a more subtle version of traditional metal braces. Instead of metal brackets and wires, these appliances come with tooth-colored brackets and transparent wires. This makes it difficult to detect the appliance in the patient’s mouth. Treatment times with clear braces are similar to treatment times for conventional braces

Restore your smile with orthodontics

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