Options for Replacing Missing Teeth: Can Dental Implants Improve Chewing Function?

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth: Can Dental Implants Improve Chewing Function?

When you suffer from pain associated with dental issues, you should consider your options for replacing missing teeth. Teeth loss is one of the most severe types of oral health problems that can arise. Teeth play an essential role. They hold and support remaining teeth, provide a stable structure for your mouth and face. When thinking about missing teeth options, dental implants are one option that may improve your quality of life.

How dental implants improve chewing and eating

Dental implants can replace teeth you have missing and provide a robust and durable replacement option. They are the closest to natural teeth that there are. Dental implants help by fusing into your jawbone. This provides a structure like the root of your tooth. This can help to provide a structure like your natural teeth. Dental implants can significantly improve your ability to eat.

Most durable options for replacing missing teeth

Dental implants are among the most robust options to replace missing teeth. They are the only option that helps to replace the loss of your entire tooth from root to tip. While some treatment options replace just the top or crown of the missing tooth, dental implants replace the whole part.

Implants are smaller screws that are surgically screwed into the jawbone. After treatment, the following weeks after implants are placed, they begin to fuse with the soft tissues in your jawbone and mouth. This creates a stronger anchor for the implants. When the implants are in place, you can benefit from an improvement in all your oral functions, including your ability to chew and eat.

Eating after you get dental implants

Immediately after having your implants placed, you may notice soreness and tenderness at the surgical site. During this time, you will want to stick to a liquid diet, followed by soft foods. This is only temporary. After the initial phase of healing takes place, you should be able to eat all the foods you enjoyed before your implants were placed.

After your dental implants have healed and fused, you will be able to go back to the quality of life you once had before you had dental issues. Dental implants can improve your nutrition and health. While they are only one of the options for replacing missing teeth, dental implants can seem like the best for many patients.

Like all dental replacement options, maintaining your investment with dental implants involves meticulous denture care. Brushing, rinsing, and cleaning your new smile is essential to maintaining the look and health of your teeth and mouth. Good oral care starts with learning what options you have for replacing any missing teeth and regaining the confidence you once had. Once you regain your smile, your confidence will come back, and you will start to regain the quality of life you lost. Having dental problems doesn’t have to be the end of where things end. Choose the best option for replacing missing teeth and learn to properly care for them. You will notice changes right from the beginning for the better.

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