Multiple Tooth Implant: How Many Teeth Can Be Anchored by One Implant?

Multiple Tooth Implant: How Many Teeth Can Be Anchored by One Implant?

A multiple tooth implant gives you a more affordable way to enjoy the bone-preserving properties of dental implants. An implant is rarely used to replace multiple teeth on its own, but it can be combined with another to replace up to six teeth. That means an implant on its own can support a max of three artificial teeth.

Implants are great for replacing missing teeth and are the only oral prosthetics that prevent the bone tissue loss that takes place when a tooth is lost. Implants also happen to be the most costly way to replace a lost tooth. The cost of an implant can be more than the cost of a full set of dentures. Therefore, using a multiple tooth implant to replace missing teeth saves patients money.

Replacing teeth with a multiple tooth implant

Replacing lost teeth should always be a priority, given the many adverse effects of not doing so:

  • The remaining teeth becoming misaligned as they try to close the gap created by the missing teeth
  • Bone tissue loss as a result of lost teeth
  • Negative changes to facial bone structures
  • Increased self-consciousness due to a diminished smile
  • Difficulty speaking and chewing food

Popular ways that implants can be used to replace multiple teeth include the following. 

1. Dental bridges

Bridges close the gap between teeth. The restoration consists of two main parts: abutments that hold it in place and artificial teeth called pontics.

The teeth closest to both ends of the gap are often used as anchors when installing a bridge, but those teeth might already be lost. A dentist might recommend installing one or more implants to serve as abutments for the bridge.

The implants are inserted into the patient’s jaw and given up to six months to fuse with bone tissues around them. Crowns are attached to the external-facing end of the implants and used to anchor down pontics that will replace the patient’s missing teeth.

2. Dentures

Dentures are an affordable way to replace missing teeth, but their poor stability can lead to a poor experience for the wearer. Implants can be used to anchor down dentures so the prosthetic no longer moves when worn. This makes it easier to speak and eat while wearing the restoration. There are also specialized types of dentures that can be permanently attached to implants. This provides the most convenient option for many patients.

Replace your missing teeth

A gap in your smile can affect the way that you talk. It also puts you at risk of developing orthodontic issues. Call or visit our Phoenix clinic to explore your options if you have lost a few of your teeth.

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