Important Reason to Get an Orthodontic Treatment – Crowded Teeth are Harder to Clean

Important Reason to Get an Orthodontic Treatment – Crowded Teeth are Harder to Clean

Having crowded teeth is a good reason to seek orthodontic treatment. After all, this condition can hamper your smile and even be embarrassing. You may even have low self-esteem and wish to avoid being around other people. Crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and similar issues also make it difficult to keep up with good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing are vital for your oral health. The right care can solve these challenges.

A look at crowded teeth and the effects

Not everyone can have straight, evenly spaced teeth. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a person’s teeth to be crowded. This can cause the teeth to be crooked, twisted, and misaligned. Crowding in the mouth often occurs when the jaw is too small and cannot accommodate all of a person’s teeth. Genetics can also play a role, as can losing baby teeth too early. Some people may have abnormally large or small teeth.

A person with crowded teeth may have tooth discomfort or jaw pain. It may be difficult for the person to bite or chew. Flossing and brushing can be painful. These oral hygiene activities can also be challenging.

The importance of keeping teeth clean

Whether a person is currently doing or has done orthodontic work, daily oral hygiene is vital. Once a child has teeth, parents should ensure that brushing twice a day occurs. This should continue throughout life for the individual. Effective brushing should include using fluoride-based toothpaste and hitting all parts of every tooth. Flossing every day is crucial too. The person should be sure to floss gently in between each tooth.

Brushing strengthens the enamel layer and prevents cavities. It also removes plaque and keeps tartar from building up. Flossing helps the person avoid gum disease. This condition can lead to tooth loss, bone loss, and infections.

Why cleaning teeth is difficult when the mouth is crowded

When teeth are straight, the person should not have a difficult time reaching them with the toothbrush and floss. However, crowded teeth complicate this goal. Crowded teeth grow in at odd angles and can hide behind other teeth. Some spots do not get the attention they need with toothpaste and floss. As a result, tooth decay and gum disease are common in these situations.

When to do orthodontic treatment

It is never too late or usually not too early to get help from a general dentist to address teeth crowding. Children as young as age 7 can talk to the dentist about orthodontics and which treatments make the most sense. Teens, young adults, and adults can benefit from this care. Once the treatment has addressed the crowding, the person’s smile and health should improve.

Get your brushing and flossing on track

The right orthodontic treatment has many advantages, both to your looks and health. If you are struggling with teeth crowding, talk to your general dentist. Make an appointment for a consultation so you can determine which option is right. You can then have less of a risk of developing decay and disease.

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