How to Maintain Results With Professional Teeth Whitening

How to Maintain Results With Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is growing in popularity. You might find appeal to many aesthetic benefits it can provide. An attractive smile is valuable to most individuals, and you are no different. Smiling can improve your appearance and instill peace of mind.

The procedure is only your first step on a journey. Maintaining results is critical to long-term success. Treatments are expensive, and you should aim to maximize them. Practicing good dental habits is an ideal trend to set.

Forming dental habits

Brushing and flossing should be regular habits for everyone. Most dentists in Phoenix, AZ recommend brushing twice per day. Electronic toothbrushes can make the process simpler. Flossing and mouthwash can maximize brushing.

Building habits takes time. A person should set reminders on a phone or alarm. Once brushing becomes part of a routine, it is easier to maintain. Some people even begin to thrive with it.

Avoiding teeth stains after professional teeth whitening

Tobacco products can stain teeth. Smokers should be aware of the negative consequences. Soft drinks, including soda, are also culprits of staining. Some artificial foods and some kinds of gum can also contribute.

Staying on budget

Professional teeth whitening can be expensive. Treatments should last longer with good habits. By avoiding frequent procedures, individuals can save money. Funds collected can go toward other dental needs.

Drugstore treatments are less expensive but have drawbacks. No dental supervision comes with them. Sometimes, families have no other choice but to buy them. Consulting with a dentist in 85053 is still ideal.

Schedule teeth cleanings

Regular dental cleanings are essential for removing stubborn stains and plaque buildup that can accumulate on the teeth over time. Schedule professional dental cleanings with your dentist every six months to keep your smile looking bright and healthy. During these appointments, your dentist can also assess the condition of your teeth and provide personalized recommendations for maintaining your whitened smile. Call us to learn more.

Water to drink

Cutting out soft drinks can be challenging for some people. The solution is to replace soda with water. The taste might seem bland at first, but it gets better with time. Water helps teeth but also general health. Water can also flush teeth staining foods out of the system.

Soda is not the only drink to threaten teeth. Sugary drinks of all brands are also a threat. Studying the ingredients in drinks is a nuisance, so water is always a nice option. Most venues carry water at all times.

Consider Touch-Up Treatments

Over time, the effects of teeth whitening may fade due to natural wear and tear and exposure to staining agents. Consider scheduling touch-up treatments with your dentist as needed to refresh and maintain the brightness of your smile. Your dentist can determine the appropriate frequency of touch-up treatments based on your individual needs and preferences.

Consult with your dental professional

Maintaining professional teeth whitening is habitual. When you form good habits like brushing and flossing, it is a nice first step. Avoiding soft drinks and staining foods is also part of the solution. Good habits can cut costs by limiting return visits. You should aim to stick to your budget.

Researching maintenance tips can only go so far. You should consult with a dental professional for more advanced insights. They can speak to the specifics of your case. Furthermore, they can get you on a teeth cleaning schedule that will maximize results.

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