How Often Is a Dental Checkup Needed?

How Often Is a Dental Checkup Needed?

A regular dental checkup is essential for your oral health. Because of the commercialization of dental products, many people think that the right schedule for checkups is twice a year. Others have a different schedule entirely. If you want to know how often a dental checkup should be, here are the facts.

Reasons for having a dental checkup

Good oral health is only possible because of personal oral hygiene and professional treatment. Daily flossing and brushing can help keep cavities away in between checkups. Yet, even with good daily oral care, plaque and tartar still accumulate. A dental checkup can remove these substances to keep the patient’s mouth healthy. It can also prevent dental problems from occurring or getting worse.

During the checkup

During each dental checkup, the dentist will examine the patient’s entire mouth. Then, the dentist will note any issue that the patient may have. The dentist will also ask the patient about any medical condition or any issue the patient may have had before the dental checkup. If the patient only sees the same dentist, there will be a record of the patient’s last visit. The dentist will take this as an opportunity to provide the schedule for the patient’s next dental checkup.

The true schedule

Because of television commercials, people have developed the habit of having a dental checkup every six months. This may be applicable for some, but not for others. Although this has always been a traditional dental checkup schedule, dental health is individualized. This means that one person’s dental health needs are different from another’s.

A schedule for dental checkups depends on the status of the patient’s dental health. If the patient’s mouth does not have any dental issues, then the dentist will not expect the patient to have a dental checkup that often. There are cases when adults only have checkups every two years. This is the reward for being vigilant about personal oral health habits.

On the other hand, those who neglect proper oral care need more frequent dental checkups. The checkups see to it that the patient’s mouth is healthy despite a lack of personal oral care. The dentist might recommend more frequent X-rays to monitor the patient’s dental issues or procedures. Seeing the dentist more often can contain the dental issues. It can also update dental treatments.

Children need to have dental checkups more often. When children’s permanent teeth erupt, dentists must monitor these teeth carefully. Through careful monitoring, the child can avoid dental issues, such as impacted teeth. If there are still baby teeth obstructing the permanent teeth, the dentist will extract the stubborn milk teeth to make room.

You should have a dental checkup schedule based on your needs

Your dentist will schedule your next dental checkup based on the dental needs that you have. If you do not need treatments at all, then you can have your next checkup after a year or so. On the other hand, if your dentist sees serious dental issues that need treatment and monitoring, expect to have your next dental checkups sooner and more often. Discussing your dental health status with your dentist can give you a clear idea of your true dental checkup schedule.

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