How Long Invisalign Therapy from a General Dentist May Take for Teeth Straightening

How Long Invisalign Therapy from a General Dentist May Take for Teeth Straightening

For many people, Invisalign® is a departure from more traditional forms of orthodontic therapy. In years past, metal braces were the preferred method of straightening crooked teeth and correcting bite dysfunctions. But you will see that these clear aligners offer some benefits that can make for a more pleasant treatment. The time you spend wearing these appliances is often much shorter as well. Various factors will affect this time period.

A look at Invisalign

This type of clear aligner can be an effective way to improve a person’s appearance and oral health. The appliances are plastic mouthpieces that look much like teeth-whitening trays. The general dentist will start by taking X-rays and making 3D models of the mouth. This will enable the dentist or a technician to make aligners that fit properly.

The aligners fit snugly over the teeth. They put constant but gentle pressure on the teeth, forcing them to move into the right positions. The patient will get a new set of mouthpieces at each appointment. This will occur every two to four weeks.

General treatment time length

It takes time to move teeth. Treatments cannot work overnight; however, some are faster than others. A patient will typically wear metal braces for two to three years, depending on the issues to correct. One of the benefits of Invisalign is that the device can move teeth more quickly. Some patients will see satisfactory results in as few as six months. On average, a person will do the treatment for 12 to 18 months.

The severity of the patient’s condition

Be aware that the treatment length will vary from person to person. No two patients have identical needs and challenges with their smile. People with more complex orthodontic issues should expect to wear Invisalign for longer, possibly 18 months to two years. The more crooked or crowded the teeth are, the longer the treatment will take.

The patient’s diligence

There is a burden upon the patient to follow the dentist’s instructions when it comes to Invisalign treatment. The dentist may tell the patient that it is OK to remove the aligners for a few hours a day. In fact, the person should take out the mouthpieces to eat and to clean regularly. However, if the person keeps the aligners out longer, the teeth will not move as fast or possibly as correctly.

Care and maintenance

Taking good care of the Invisalign aligners is vital. The devices are not indestructible, so the patient should exercise caution when handling them. Frequent cleaning is essential. The patient should rinse them off after eating and keep the aligners free of food particles. Dirty or damaged aligners will not work as effectively and may wear out faster.

Get the most out of your treatment

Wearing Invisalign aligners can be a good way to repair your smile and feel good about your appearance. In many ways, your treatment length will depend on you. If you are consistent with wearing the appliance and cleaning it, you can be pleased with the results. Your general dentist can also answer your questions and address your concerns.

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