How Dental Sealant Treatment Can Prevent Cavities

How Dental Sealant Treatment Can Prevent Cavities

If you are prone to cavities or have children with vulnerable teeth, you may want to consider visiting us for a dental sealant treatment. A dental sealant can provide extra support for vulnerable enamel and can help prevent cavities. Continue reading to learn more about our sealant process and how it can fortify your and your child's teeth.

Dental sealants are a preventive dental treatment aimed at protecting the teeth from decay, particularly in the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth such as the grooves and pits on the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars. Here's what you need to know about dental sealant treatment:

If you brush twice a day, floss, use mouthwash and visit a dentist in Phoenix, AZ regularly, but still, have cavities every time you go in for an appointment, a dental sealant could be beneficial for your teeth and overall dental health. Since dental sealants are so affordable, they will also save you money now and in the long run, which you would have otherwise spent on fillings to repair cavities.

Dental Sealant Treatment

Before our dentist in 85053 begin applying our dental sealant treatment, we will thoroughly clean the patient's teeth. A hygienist will remove plaque from every surface and between teeth. We will also scrub the surfaces just to make sure the sealant can bond to the teeth properly. If one still has debris in the crevices or grooves of the teeth following the clean, we will provide extra steps to take care of every stuck particle or a bit of plaque.

Once we provide a deep clean for the teeth, we will apply a gel over the top surface of each tooth that will gently and safely chemically etch the area. Since the etching that occurs is so superficial, it will not weaken the teeth in any way. The etching only serves to provide a better area for the dental sealant to grasp, creating greater protection.

After we apply the etching gel and examine the teeth to make sure it did the trick, we will begin the application of the dental sealant. After the etching process, we will keep each tooth we are working on dry so the adhesive components of the sealant will work properly. Using a small tool, we will dab the dental sealant treatment on each groove of the tooth.

The sealant is a liquid plastic-type material that, when uncured, will flow into the crevices of your teeth to seal off all vulnerable areas. The main focus of dental sealant treatment is to fill in the tiniest fissures in the teeth that can potentially house bacteria and trap food particles. Call us to learn more.

After the process

After we effectively apply the sealant, we will cure it into a solidified substance. We will use a blue curing light that hardens the material so one cannot easily penetrate or remove the sealant. It will set or harden instantly once we use the light on the sealant.

Following the application of the dental sealant, we will make sure your bite is still smooth before sending you on your way. A dental sealant treatment is incredibly simple, providing the extra protection you need for your teeth.


Dental sealants are highly effective at preventing tooth decay, particularly in children and teenagers who are at a higher risk of cavities due to their developing oral hygiene habits and dietary choices. Studies have shown that sealants can reduce the risk of cavities by up to 80% in the first two years after application, and they can last for several years with proper care.

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