How a Teeth Straightening Treatment Can Reduce the Risk of Tooth Decay

How a Teeth Straightening Treatment Can Reduce the Risk of Tooth Decay

Many people look to do teeth straightening treatments to change their smile. Indeed, having crooked teeth and other alignment issues can affect your appearance. It can be embarrassing when your teeth are not straight. But did you realize that there can be serious health effects when your teeth are crooked? People who have this condition have more risk of developing cavities. You can avoid this by starting a treatment method for your teeth.

An explanation of tooth decay and how it develops

Of all the oral health issues that a person can have, tooth decay is one of the most common. This condition can affect people of all ages, and the consequences can be severe if not treated. Decay occurs when the hard surface of the tooth suffers damage from small holes or openings. Decay can spread inside the tooth and impact the nerves and roots. It destroys the enamel layer and can ultimately lead to tooth loss.

Decay is the result of bacteria invading the tooth, making acids that eat away at the surface. Poor brushing habits are a major cause. When a person does brush with fluoride-based toothpaste properly, they are able to remove the bacteria from the teeth. This prevents the formation of acids and the buildup of plaque and tartar.

An overview of effective brushing

From the time a child has teeth, brushing is vital. Parents and caregivers should help with this activity until the child can do so alone. People of all ages should brush at least twice a day, spending about two minutes each time. It is especially good to brush before bedtime and after eating. The person should make sure to brush both sides and the biting surface of each tooth.

The challenges that crooked teeth pose to brushing

A general dentist commonly finds tooth decay in patients who have crooked teeth. Teeth straightening can solve this problem, as straighter teeth are less of a challenge to brush. When teeth are misaligned, there are difficult-to-reach spots. Parts of some teeth can hide behind other teeth. Food can become trapped, making it much more problematic to remove.

Teeth straightening does more than improving the aesthetics of a smile

Because straight teeth help with effective brushing, tooth decay is less common. The patient should be able to reach all parts of every tooth with the brush. Also, because the teeth are not as difficult to hit with the brush, the patient will less likely get frustrated with the process. Proper and thorough brushing will clean bacteria from the teeth.

Improve your smile and health with a mouthful of straight teeth

If you are thinking about teeth straightening methods, consider more than just the cosmetic aspects. If you have been struggling with tooth decay, a treatment to straighten the teeth can help. No longer will it be difficult to brush effectively. The results can help you feel good about your appearance and enjoy healthier, stronger teeth. Call your dentist today so you can get started on your care.

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