Full Mouth Reconstruction from a Dentist After an Auto Accident

Full Mouth Reconstruction from a Dentist After an Auto Accident

One of the most devastating incidents that can happen is a major car accident causing severe tooth damage that may require full mouth reconstruction, which may involve multiple parts. Although this can be stressful, confusing, and downright scary, with the right dental professionals, you can have a natural smile returned to you that even your mother wouldn’t be able to tell apart. 

The treatment includes

Inlays or Onlays – building up on already available tooth material

Crowns – constructing a tooth from synthetic materials

Bridges – structured by crowns on either side

Veneers – small shells glued to teeth to change shape

Dental Implants – artificial roots placed for crowns to attach

Dentures – plate or frame holding artificial teeth

Orthodontics – may need to be referred for tooth/ jaw placement.

Other care of symptoms such as TMJ, muscular pain, headaches, and damaged bite will require further treatment as well as continued visits to your physician and dentist.

During the evaluation, your dentist will review: 

Bite- The dentist will ensure that you have no shifting teeth, they are aligned, and bites are not affecting the cheek or tongue. 

Gums– In some cases involving an MVA, patients may need bone grafting to improve the overall gum support structure or gum contouring to improve the look and feel of the gums.

Teeth – Teeth have general cracking and damage through daily use, but an MVA can cause severe damage to the teeth. With different crowns, dentures, and implants, the look and practical use of teeth can be repaired

Look – The look is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to repairing your smile. Every individual will have different needs, but with the technology available and the help of your trusted dentist, a natural-looking smile is possible.


After having full mouth reconstruction, it is important to follow all orders given by your dental team. You should also take all medications as prescribed and contact your dentist if you have questions or concerns regarding your procedure or aftercare.

You can reduce pain and swelling by icing your cheeks at 10-minute intervals. If you have continued swelling or pain not relieved by ice or over-the-counter medications, please contact your dentist. You should avoid eating any hard foods and stick to softer, more palatable foods like mashed yams or sweet potatoes, yogurt, smoothies, pureed foods, soups, or applesauce, as this will allow your mouth time to recover and rebuild strength. Don’t drink using a straw. Do not smoke or vape any products during your recovery time. Use warm water rinse with some salt to prevent infections.

After full mouth reconstruction, especially with MVAs, it is critically important to keep in contact with your dentist and medical team. Only through collaboration can your medical and dental teams ensure that you are able to recover appropriately and allow you to have your new and beautiful smile.

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