Does a General Dentist Offer Denture Repair?

Does a General Dentist Offer Denture Repair?

In some situations, a denture repair can be performed if a patient accidentally breaks their dentures. Some people may believe they can fix the problem without professional help, but patients should seek help from a dentist right away for a fracture or an awkward fit. Many general dentists offer this service and sometimes may even be able to get the patient in for an appointment that day.

Should patients repair or replace dentures?

If a patient has broken dentures, it can be difficult to determine if a repair is possible or if a new set needs to be made. The dentist may also discuss other alternatives such as dental implants, crowns or bridges. While the patient’s dentist can likely judge whether the dentures can be fixed, there are several factors patients should consider:

Age: Dentures often last at least five to seven years and this may even extend to 10 years, depending on the patient. If the broken dentures are older than five years, however, it may be worth it to invest in a replacement.

Severity: While a small fracture or chipped tooth should be quick and easy to fix, severe damage may make the dentures unsalvageable.

Fit: If the patient was unhappy with how the dentures fit before breaking, a new set should feel more comfortable. It is common for the gums to shrink and the mouth to change over time, which can cause dentures to become loose. Slipping, clicking noises and mouth sores may all occur, which are signs a denture repair or replacement is necessary.

Cause: Patients should consider what caused the dentures to break in the first place. While some fractures occur due to an accident, damage that results from misalignment, previous damage or wear and tear may happen again in the future.

What should patients do if dentures break?

If a patient's dentures suddenly break, it is considered an emergency situation that needs to be addressed immediately. The first step is to call the dentist for advice on what should be done until the dentures can be repaired.

Often, the dentist will ask that the patient gathers all the pieces and removes them to avoid cutting and injuring the inside of the mouth. In some situations, dental wax can be used to smooth over any sharp edges. Patients should refrain from buying a home repair kit that can cause even more damage or from using superglue, which can be toxic if ingested.


While dentures often last patients several years before a replacement is necessary, accidents can happen that can cause them to crack or even snap in half. To determine if a denture repair is possible, patients should not delay making an appointment with a dentist. In some cases, the restoration can happen that day. However, if the dentures are very old or the damage is too severe to be fixed, it may be necessary to have a new set made or consider other solutions for missing teeth.

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