Do You Need a Smile Makeover?

Do You Need a Smile Makeover?

Anyone who is displeased with the appearance of their smile can benefit from a smile makeover. From misaligned bites to gummy smiles and damaged teeth, a smile makeover can likely fix them all. The term "smile makeover" refers to a combination of cosmetic dental treatments that are used to improve the way a person's smile looks.

Figuring out who needs a smile makeover

Being unhappy with the appearance of your smile can prevent you from performing at your best. A smile makeover can help patients to get past the self-consciousness that often develops as a result of not being happy with the way their teeth look. Enhancing the appearance of a person's smile also leads to increased self-confidence.

The goal of a smile makeover is to restore the appearance of a patient's teeth to their former appearance or to make them better than they ever were. Smile makeovers include customized treatment plans that are tailored for each patient.

Smile makeovers sometimes go past solely cosmetic purposes. They can also serve restorative purposes as in the case of misaligned bites or damaged teeth. Fixing such issues also improves the patient's general and dental health.

The smile makeover process

Smile makeovers typically start with a consultation with a dentist. During the appointment, the dentist will evaluate the patient's teeth to determine which smile makeover treatments would be most effective. The dentist might be able to use digital imaging to create projections of what the patient's teeth will look like once the treatment is complete. The dentist will work closely with the dental labs that make any oral prosthetics that will be used to ensure everything matches the patient's features like their face shape, skin tone and hair color.

Patients will often have to make a few decisions at the start of their smile makeovers since there is typically more than one way to address a cosmetic problem. Some solutions might be more affordable, while others provide more permanent results.

Popular smile makeover treatments

Here are some of the treatments that are commonly used as part of a smile makeover:

Teeth whitening: Professional teeth whitening treatments performed by a dentist can improve the color of teeth by up to eight shades after one session

Veneers: These are thin shells that are cemented to the front of teeth. They can hide any minor imperfections on them

Crowns: Also called caps, these cover the entire visible part of a tooth that rests above the gums

Dentures: These are an option for anyone who has lost most of their real teeth

Implants: Implants replace missing teeth and their roots. They are one of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth

Ready to improve the way your teeth look?

A smile makeover can get you the attractive smile you have always wanted. Stop by our Phoenix clinic or call us to set up an appointment with us.

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