Common Misconceptions of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Common Misconceptions of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is not a term patients hear every day, and it can at first seem somewhat intimidating, leading to misconceptions of what it actually is (and what it is not). By learning more about full mouth reconstruction, you can make a more informed decision as to whether or not treatment is appropriate for you. 

Four common full mouth reconstruction misconceptions

This review debunks four common misconceptions and myths about full mouth reconstruction. These all too common misconceptions are that full mouth reconstruction is highly invasive, only for replacing missing teeth, expensive, and takes years to complete. 

A full mouth reconstruction is a highly invasive process

The fact is full mouth reconstruction can at first sound like a scary term. The idea of reconstructing the entire mouth has to be invasive, right? This is actually not the case for most patients. Of course, some more invasive procedures may be available to patients. However, each treatment plan is completely personalized to the patient’s preferences. So, if the patient does not desire a more invasive procedure, then the dentist can recommend less invasive procedures instead. 

A full mouth reconstruction is only for replacing missing teeth

Another common misconception is that full mouth reconstruction is to replace missing teeth. However, many full mouth reconstruction patients still have the majority or even all of their natural teeth. In these cases, the focus of treatment may be on restoring the health and appearance of natural teeth through treatments such as dental crowns or porcelain veneers. Periodontal disease treatment may also be a focus of full mouth reconstruction as well. 

The cost of a full mouth reconstruction is incredibly high

Many individuals avoid treatment even if they know how beneficial it can be as they assume that the cost is too high. Many (if not most) of the procedures are covered by dental insurance. For patients who do not have dental insurance, the dentist may be able to arrange a payment plan or simply choose the more affordable treatment options to restore the patient’s smile. When compared to treating multiple oral health and cosmetic concerns one at a time, a full mouth reconstruction is a far more cost-effective way to restore the appearance and health of your smile. 

A full mouth reconstruction takes years to complete

The length of time full mouth reconstruction takes varies and depends on the specific procedures that are chosen. However, it is typically not as long as most patients anticipate. It is a misconception that it takes years to complete full mouth reconstruction. While certain procedures such as orthodontic treatment and dental implants can take a year or more, most patients achieve the desired results in a year or less. 

Find out more about full mouth reconstruction during a consultation

If you are interested in full mouth reconstruction to restore the health and appearance of your smile in the least invasive and fastest way possible, then call our dental office today to arrange for a consultation visit.

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