Can I Get Clear Aligners With a Missing Tooth?

Can I Get Clear Aligners With a Missing Tooth?

For most people, clear aligners have made an incredible difference in their teeth function and appearance. They are virtually invisible and more comfortable. You will also have less restriction of food choices because the aligners facilitate oral hygiene. A dentist may recommend an implant first. But, you can wear these aligners with one or several missing teeth.

Things to note

Clear aligners work effectively by applying pressure on teeth. The pressure creates inflammation in the tissue that connects the teeth to the underneath bone. That activates the cells that build up bone to create new bone in the space left. In rare cases, aligners might not apply this pressure to the teeth. If a patient finds themselves in such a situation, they should consult their dentist.

The dentist’s assessment

There are several reasons why a patient might have missing teeth. Perhaps the adult teeth never grew in well. In other cases, the patient might have suffered from teeth trauma. That is like having teeth knocked out, and infections cause this. The good news is that a patient can still wear aligners with missing teeth.

The dentist will have to consider some factors. First, the number of teeth lost. Secondly, the alignment of the teeth. That means the dentist checks if the space is wide enough for a replacement. Lastly, whether there is an overbite. This is an overlap of the upper front teeth with the lower.

Duration of wearing aligners

Once a patient tries aligners for the first time, they may feel very tight. The reason is that aligners grip the teeth firmly to shift them. That means it may take a while to get used to them. Besides, if there is no pain, then the aligners are probably not effective.

The amount of time it takes for straight teeth to settle into their new position varies on the tooth movement required. For example, in some cases, it may take four months while in others, one year. But make sure the aligners are worn for at least two weeks. Because two weeks is the least amount of time it takes for straight teeth to settle into the new position. Otherwise, these straight teeth will gradually shift into the gaps and bend again.

What happens when aligners are not worn

Failure to wear aligners allows straight teeth on either side of the jaw to shift into the missing teeth space. To avoid this, a dentist prescribes clear aligners. These aligners work to move the straight teeth back into place. Aligners cause the bones of the straight teeth to remodel as the teeth align.

Choose clear aligners today

Clear aligners not only improve tooth alignment in patients but also make it easier to replace the missing teeth in the future. It is important to visit your dentist regularly to check on your aligners. Your dentist will also answer all your questions concerning them. You can also discuss any future permanent solutions for your missing teeth.

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