Aftercare – How To Take Care of Dental Veneers

Aftercare – How To Take Care of Dental Veneers

One of the best methods of improving a person’s smile is dental veneers. They hide flaws on the teeth and provide individuals with a smile to proudly show off. After getting veneers, it is important to take care of them properly so they can last for long and look great.

Caring for dental veneers

Adopting the following tips are important to ensure the veneers last for a long time.

Brush and floss regularly

Patients need to continue to practice good oral hygiene as usual. It is vital to remember that the veneers are still fixed to the natural teeth, which are vulnerable to decay if brushing is not done properly and regularly. Dentists recommend brushing at least twice per day and flossing. The exposed part of the tooth behind the dental veneer is often when the decay starts. a soft bristle toothbrush should be used to avoid roughening the surface polish of the veneer.

Avoid biting on hard objects

Dental veneers are created from porcelain or composite material. Although they are designed to be sturdy and resilient, they may chip if subjected to excessive bite force from chewing on hard items like ice or candy. It is advisable to avoid bitng into food items that can be cut into smaller sized portions. These food items include peaches, apples and celery sticks. Using the teeth as a tool to cut items may also cause damage to the veneers.

Avoid teeth grinding

Also called bruxism, teeth grinding is a major dental issue, that if untreated, can cause damage to the teeth and disorder of the temporomandibular joint. Patients that grind their teeth at night will often wake up with headache and jaw pain, and the grinding force can cause lasting damage to the veneer. It is better to have the dentist create a custom night guard as soon as possible to protect the teeth. Usually, cosmetic treatments are not recommended until bruxism has been treated successfully.

Avoid teeth-staining foods

Many foods and drinks with high pigment can cause tooth discoloration, and excess intake may likely stain dental veneers. It is better to reduce coffee, tea, certain berries, red wine and beets. If taking these liquids is a must, straw should be used to limit contact. Preferably, rinse the mouth afterward. Also, avoid smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

The importance of dental veneer aftercare

Typically, dental veneers can last up to 10 years. Patients who practice good oral habits and care for their teeth can enjoy their restoration for up to two decades. During routine dental appointments, the dentist will examine the dental veneers to be sure they are intact. They will also be able to detect potential issues that may affect the smile.

Dental veneers can completely transform your smile. When handled by an experienced dentist, the result is remarkable and you will never want to hide your smile again. If you have more questions about the procedure, feel free to book an appointment with the dentist for a consultation.

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