3 Reasons Why Cosmetic Orthodontics Would Be Recommended

3 Reasons Why Cosmetic Orthodontics Would Be Recommended

Cosmetic orthodontics gives you a less noticeable way to straighten your teeth. You get to avoid the downsides of traditional braces while enjoying all the benefits of getting your teeth straightened. Poorly aligned teeth cab affect the appearance of any smile, regardless of how white or nicely shaped your teeth are.

Reasons to explore cosmetic orthodontics

Cosmetic orthodontics can be used to fix many of the same issues that traditional braces are used to address, but they do not take over the appearance of the smile. Ceramic braces are a subtler version of metal braces, while clear aligners are rigid plastic trays that push teeth toward a better alignment. Unlike most other braces, clear aligners are removable devices that give patients increased comfort and convenience. Let us take a look at the reasons that you might need teeth-straightening treatments.

1. An overbite

An overbite is a condition that can lead to the bottom of a person’s teeth making contact with the roof of their mouth. The condition can end up damaging front teeth and gum tissues when left untreated. Orthodontic treatment with devices like braces can improve the position of the patient’s jaw, restoring a healthy bite.

2. Underbite

An underbite leads to a person’s lower set of teeth overlapping their front set. It can give the person a “bulldog” look. Underbites also make it more challenging to talk and eat. The condition increases the risk of damaging soft tissues in the mouth when engaged in either of these activities. An underbite can be addressed with orthodontic treatment.

3. Open bite

A person has an open bite when there is a significant gap between their lower set and upper set of teeth. Both sets of teeth should be almost touching when the mouth is closed. People with open bites often have a hard time speaking or eating properly.

4. Spaces between teeth

Abnormal spaces between teeth are often a result of them not being properly aligned. If that is the case, a dentist can close up the gap by moving the patient’s teeth to a better alignment using appliances like braces or clear aligners. If the space is not due to teeth alignment issues, the dentist can use dental cosmetics like crowns or composite bonding to close it up. Spaces between teeth increase their vulnerability to decay because they create areas for food particles and bacteria to accumulate.

5. Crowded teeth

Crowded teeth are the most common orthodontic issue that dentists treat. Some people do not have enough space on their jaw to accommodate all their teeth, leading to alignment issues when their teeth erupt. Treatment options for crowded teeth include extracting teeth to make more space on the jaw and using orthodontic appliances.

We can straighten your smile

Orthodontic treatment can improve the alignment of your teeth, and you do not have to compromise how your smile looks. Call or visit our Phoenix clinic to set up an appointment with our dentist.

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