3 Reasons a Snoring Treatment Is Necessary

3 Reasons a Snoring Treatment Is Necessary

Snoring is often more of a serious symptom than many realize. While occasional snoring is not a cause for major concern, consistently loud snoring can be a serious problem, especially if there are other symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Subsequently, it is important to determine the cause and find out if snoring treatment is recommended.

Why snoring treatment is often considered to be necessary

Snoring treatment can affect your sleep and the sleep of your significant other, and it may affect your overall health in certain instances. This review discusses in detail the three reasons that snoring treatment is often highly recommended by dental (and medical) professionals.

Snoring is a symptom of OSA

OSA is a condition that blocks the airflow at night, causing the individual to suddenly wake up due to an inability to breathe. It can be a serious condition if left untreated. Snoring is one of the most commonly reported symptoms of OSA, and snoring generally goes away after treatment. Due to the potential concerns that OSA can cause, it is recommended that individuals who snore visit a professional for a diagnosis and snoring treatment.

Snoring may increase the risk of general health problems

According to the University of Michigan Health, individuals with obstructive sleep apnea face an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Since the individual stops breathing for up to 20 seconds while they are asleep, it cuts off oxygen to their brain. This leads to the release of cortisone and adrenaline. These natural hormones are known to contribute to high blood pressure and heart irregularities, which could, in turn, increase the risk of heart failure and heart attacks. Therefore, by treating snoring (particularly snoring related to OSA), individuals may be able to lower their risk of cardiovascular disease.

Snoring distracts the sleep of your partner (or future partner)

This is often the most concerning for those who have issues with snoring. It can affect the individual’s partner or future partner. Snoring can make it challenging for their partner to get a good night of rest and often leads to them needing to sleep separately until snoring treatment is provided. For those who are single but are known to snore on a regular basis, snoring treatment offers a way to avoid future issues of disrupting partners while snoring at night.

What is the good news? There are options for snoring treatment

The good news is that there are effective and safe treatment options available for snoring. The type of treatment that works best for you largely depends on the cause. If you are snoring regularly at night and you or your partner are having a hard time sleeping as a result, contact our office to schedule a visit with our friendly and professional general dentistry team.

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