2 Teeth Straightening Treatment Options from a General Dentist

2 Teeth Straightening Treatment Options from a General Dentist

Teeth straightening is hardly a new concept, but there are some appealing options that were not available in years past. Recently, a couple of treatment choices have become more readily available and popular. Invisalign® clear aligners and clear braces are not the only methods a general dentist could recommend. However, these are two of the most effective. They have benefits that others cannot match.

Common reasons why people want to do teeth straightening

Straightening teeth appeals to teens, young adults, and adults alike. People often first consider wearing Invisalign or clear braces to improve their smile. Crooked teeth can be embarrassing and even cause a person to have poor self-esteem. Such a person may avoid social settings and not want to show their teeth.

There are also health reasons for teeth straightening care. Crooked and crowded teeth can be difficult to clean. Brushing and flossing may be ineffective, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. The effects of these conditions can be severe. There can also be pain in the jaw and even headaches when a person has crooked teeth.

A look at Invisalign

Aligners come in different forms, and Invisalign is one of the most prevalent. The aligners are clear plastic mouthpieces that resemble teeth whitening trays. The aligners fit over the teeth and put pressure on the teeth, causing them to move into the correct locations and positions. To properly fit the appliance, the dentist will first make 3D models of the mouth.

Clear aligners are removable. The patient should take out the mouthpieces while eating and to clean them. For desirable results, the person should wear the aligners for 21 to 22 hours a day. The appliances are comfortable and are less likely than other treatments to irritate the gums or cause sores. The total treatment length of Invisalign is usually 12 to 18 months. This is a good option for people with mild or moderate misalignments.

A look at clear braces

Traditionally, braces have consisted of metal wires and brackets. The treatment is effective but can stand out and make a person feel self-conscious. Clear braces are made of porcelain or ceramic brackets. The tooth-colored material makes for a more discreet method. Clear braces work the same as aligners — putting constant but gentle pressure on the teeth to move them.

Patients who do this teeth straightening therapy must brush and floss diligently. Food can become trapped in the brackets and cause plaque and tartar buildup. The patient should also avoid hard and sticky foods. By following the directions from the general dentist, the person can have a shorter treatment.

Two effective options to get straighter teeth

If you are tired of having crooked teeth, do something about it. Both Invisalign and clear braces are good solutions for a new smile and improved oral health. Your dentist can help you decide which method makes the most sense. Schedule an appointment today so you can see if you are a good candidate for one treatment or the other.

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