Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped "cap" fabricated to be placed over a prepared tooth. It is made to cover the problem tooth, restoring its shape and size, and strength, as well as improve its appearance.

A dental crown may be needed when a tooth is cracked, has a large cavity, or has minor damage. It can also be used to cover a tooth that has had a root canal.

A bridge, on the other hand, is a dental structure that is used to replace a missing tooth by joining an artificial tooth to adjacent teeth through crowns. A bridge can be supported by natural teeth, implants, or a combination of natural teeth and implants.

A bridge is made up of two or more crowns and a false tooth, known as a pontic.

Advantages of Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges can improve the function of your teeth, your bite, and your smile. Dental bridges, fabricated to replace one or more missing teeth in a row, are generally used for one of two purposes: to fill in gaps in your smile or to replace missing teeth. 

Dental bridges can be made using one or more of the following materials: gold, porcelain, or ceramic. The material used to create the bridge will depend on your specific needs, budget, and aesthetic goals. The dentist will review the options with you during the consultation to help find the best possible solution for your smile.

Procedure for Dental Crowns and Bridges

For dental crowns, the dentist will prepare your tooth by reshaping it and taking a mold. Then, the dentist will take a dental impression of the teeth. After fabrication, the crown is placed and cemented using dental adhesives. This typically takes about two weeks.

For bridges, the dentist will first prepare the adjacent teeth. Then, a dental impression of the teeth is obtained which helps in the fabrication process. After it has been made, the dentist will cement the bridge in place. The entire procedure takes two weeks.

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